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World Bank E-Books

อีเมล พิมพ์
1. Changing the industrial geography in Asia
2. Global monitoring report 2010
3. Handbook on impact evaluation
4. Leadership and growth
5. Natural hazards, unnatural disasters
6. Skills for the labor markdt in the Philippines
7. World development indicators 2010
8. World development indicators 2011
9. Gender, conflict,and development
10. The day after tomorrow A handbook on the future of economic policy in the developing world
11. Economic growth in the 1990s
12. Equity and development 2005
13. Equity and development 2006
14. Making services work for poor people
15. The growth report
16. Attacking poverty
17. World Developement Report 2012
18. The_World_Bank_Annual_Report_2011[1]
19. 4Global Food Price Inflation and Developing Asia
20. 7Gender Equality Results in ADB Projects Indonesia Country Report
21. 8Gender Equality Results in ADB Projects Mongolia Country Report
22. 9Gender Equality Results in ADB Projects Sri Lanka Country Report
23. 10Gender Equality Results in ADB Projects Viet Nam Country Report
24. 11Gender Equality Results in ADB Projects Regional Synthesis of Rapid Gender Assessments in Indonesia, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, And Viet Nam
25. A Review of Recent Developments in Imapcct Evaluation
26. Accounting for Health Impacts of Climate Change
27. Asian Development Outlook 2011 Update Preparing for Demographic Transition - Copy (2)
28. Focus on Education Public-Private Partnerships in ADB Education Lending, 2000-2009
29. Food Security, Energy Security, and Inclusive Growth in India The Role of Biofuels
30. Global Food Price Inflation and Developing Asia
31. Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific 2011 - Copy (2)
32. Public-Private Partnerships in Education Lessons Learned from the Punjab Education Foundation
33. Putting Higher Education to Work Skills and Research for Growth in East Asia


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